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About Hershberger Spas

Thanks to more than 40 years of industry experience and lots of repeat customers and referrals, Hershberger Spas is your source for new hot tubs, pools, chemicals, saunas, inversion tables, discount hot tubs, and more! Keep your home spa in tip-top condition with our professional serve team. Take advantage of our state-of-the-art facility when it comes to repairs.


We have been located in the same location for 30 years, we take care of your hot tub needs. Conveniently located in the Paradise Valley area, turn South at the stop light at the intersection of CY and Valley Drive. Look for the large blue roof at the top of the hill.


Our Service Area

The State of Wyoming (some items will not be allowed delivery out of our designated area).

Hershberger Spas offers the following products:



We believe in hot tubs brands which are well insulated (for the Wyoming weather), easy to work on, and durable with GREAT manufacturer’s warranties.



Soothing and luxurious sauna and steam baths from Finnleo, provide you with a personal passage to better health and happiness.


Swimming Pools

Don’t waste your money on another inexpensive swimming pool which won’t last more than a season or two. Consider a complete pool package from Doughboy or Embassy.